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Henry Goodwin
Good News The Hoveringham Mammoth Returns!
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Mammoth Fund Raising Link Please help with the Fundraising click on the Mammoth
‘The Mammoth is Coming Home’ The mammoth was the Hoveringham Gravel Co. logo which some will remember standing outside their Head Office at Hoveringham. In 1981 the The Hoveringham Group was bought by Tarmac but the mammoth remained outside the former head office until the early 1990s when it was donated to Nottingham Trent University. Hoveringham Vintage Vehicle Society (HVVS) started to explore the possibility of returning the mammoth to its original home and after many months of negotiations Nottingham Trent University gifted the Mammoth to HVVS in June 2020. HVVS are delighted to reveal we now have an offer of a site very close to where the mammoth originally stood. Currently it is awaiting refurbishment before being re- sited back to its former home for the local community to admire once again. We need your help to support this quirky community project and to raise funds to cover the legal costs, planning and groundworks. To donate please visit our funding page link above or on flyer: For more information contact David Yates 07985123392 or Mark Clifford 07974955617
RALLY UPDATE April 2021 Hoveringham Vintage Vehicle Society Sadly due to covid associated issues we unfortunately will not be holding a show this year. We look forward to welcoming you to our show on the 29th May 2022 Details will be published January 2022 Our return of the Hoveringham Mammoth project is ongoing, please refer to our website for an update. Funding is progressing well, should you wish to make a donation please follow the link: